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Your Checklist

Questions to ask

Is the solar water heater locally accredited and certified?

Independent certification is important and revealing. Envirsun’s focus on quality manufacturing and optimised performance is a major element in what sets us apart. We are accredited to the stringent Australian quality standards and all of our systems carry Australian performance certificates.

Where is the solar hot water system made?

We still call Australia home. A solar hot water system is very much the sum of its parts and ours come together in Australia. High-quality components that are well-matched and assembled by craftsmen are the starting point for assembling an Envirosun solar hot water system that is both dependable and efficient. Our core components are sourced from international specialist-manufacturers selected on the basis of their reliability, performance and durability. In fact, many of our suppliers are amongst the world’s largest manufacturers.

Is the manufacturer well-credentialed?

We live in the global market-place. We have knowledge and experience gained from our world-wide activities and we’re constantly scanning for new technologies to ensure we stay in touch with the latest trends. We see this as an essential part of keeping Envirosun products up-to-date and world-class. And because we’re an assembler rather than a fabricator, we can quickly innovate and implement new ideas, designs and sub-assemblies.

Will the solar hot water system suit my house?

We’re flexible and we aim to please. All that’s needed to fit an Envirosun thermosiphon system is a roof space that’s about 3 metres x 3 metres (10 feet x 10 feet), faces roughly north and has a moderate slope. If space is tight or if you prefer not to have the tank on the roof, you can select one of our ground-mounted, active systems. Either way, you’ll get a solar hot water system that will perform well and look great.

Will the solar hot water system provide all of my water heating needs?

We’ll keep you in hot-water. Envirosun solar hot water systems are amongst the most efficient and highest-rating on offer. But there are times of the year when, because of weather or demand, the sun alone can’t meet all of your hot water needs. That’s why we offer electric or gas-powered auxiliary heaters. And if you sometimes use a lot of hot water, the extra heater is there to help.

Who will install the solar hot water system?

A chain can only be as strong as its weakest link. All of our Envirosun resellers are specialists and they’re supported by our teams of well-trained, certified and licensed trades-people. We impose our own installation standards and guidelines to optimise the performance and safety of our systems. And if, in the very unlikely event that there’s a problem with the installation, it’ll get fixed – no questions asked.

Are there any ongoing maintenance requirements?

A stitch in time saves nine. All hot water systems need a small amount of attention to ensure they stay in the very best working condition. Our installers will explain the few simple things that you should keep an eye on during the year. And like all hot water systems, we recommend that your Envirosun has a service about every five years as part of a preventative maintenance program.

Is purchasing a solar hot water system a wise choice?

Your family will thank you. Choosing an Envirosun solar hot water system is a decision that will pay off now and into the future. Every day it will reduce your hot water energy costs while making a responsible contribution to protecting the environment. And over time, it will reduce your reliance on gas or electricity supplies and insulate you against rising energy costs. Best of all, it is an asset that will add value to your house.

How do I find out more?

To find out more about an Envirosun solar hot water system, go to: Contact us.