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The Envirosun AS range of solar hot water systems brings together an innovative mix of technologies:

  • Our solar absorbers receive more solar energy through a low-iron, high-transmittance glass cover. Unlike conventional glass that soaks up a significant amount of solar radiation, the glass cover on an Envirosun solar collector allows over 90% of the sun’s radiation to reach the solar absorber. This means more energy to create more hot-water. And to ensure they keep working for longer, our glass covers are toughened to protect against breakage. To find out how low-iron glass improves the optical properties of a solar collector cover, read: The results are clear.
  • Our solar collectors convert more solar energy into useful heat. Envirosun absorbers are coated with a high-performance black-chrome treatment to create a surface that absorbs more and emits less solar radiation. To find out how black chrome works to dramatically improve the performance of a solar absorber compared with black paint and other surfaces, read: More heat than light.
  • Our solar collectors are designed to last. The absorbers are manufactured using high-quality copper for both the riser tubes and the absorber plate. Copper resists the effects of corrosion on the inside and outside of the absorber. The collector trays are produced from aluminium, a material renowned for its strength and ability to withstand extremes of weather. Copper and aluminium together – the reason you can be assured of a long service life from your Envirosun solar collectors.
  • Our hot-water storage cylinders deliver water faster because they operate at high pressure. Envirosun TS tanks are fabricated from high-strength materials suited to operating in high-temperature, high-pressure applications. This means that our solar hot water systems can deliver hot-water at a pressure that is near to that of the mains water supply. Unlike low pressure hot-water systems, you can enjoy plenty of hot-water from more than one outlet at the same time. To understand how our system of pressure control valves works to limit but maintain hot-water system pressure, read: Keeping the pressure on.
  • Our hot-water storage tanks stay hotter for longer. Envirosun cylinders are encapsulated in a pressure-injected, high-density polyurethane thermal insulation. Compared with archaic insulation systems using straw, wool or fibreglass, polyurethane retains more heat and does so for far longer – and it has the added advantage of imparting structural rigidity to the assembled vessel. To find out how polyurethane is used to create a superior thermal barrier, read: It’s hot on the inside.
  • Our electronic pump controllers are programmed to optimise energy collection. The pump is controlled to operate only when the solar collectors reach a pre-set temperature above that of the water in the storage tank. Once the temperature of the water in the storage tanks approaches that of the solar collectors, the pump is stopped. This means that the pump will not operate during poor weather conditions or during the night. There’s also an over-temperature protection to stop the pump if the water in the storage tanks reaches a prescribed maximum. To learn more about the operation of our control systems, read: Information is power.
  • Our systems can be boosted for when the weather’s not right. Envirosun solar hot water systems are fitted with either electric or gas boosters to ensure that there’s plenty of hot-water available during the worst weather or when the demand is the highest. Electric elements can be fitted inside or storage tanks or the gas heaters can be installed in-line from the outlet of our systems. To find out about your booster options, read: Never be without.

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