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TS range of passive solar hot water systems

The Envirosun ‘TS Range’ of thermosiphon or passive solar hot water systems offers maximum efficiency and the most cost-effective solution for most applications. These systems feature the traditional ‘tank-on-the-roof’ configuration – an arrangement that was first deployed and commercially marketed around 1909. The operating principle of these early systems is no different to that upon which a modern-day Envirosun system relies: water in a flat plate solar collector is heated by the sun and the water rises into an insulated storage tank located above the collector … but that’s about all that our modern systems share with their technological predecessors.

Today’s Envirosun TS systems represent the cumulative advance of over a century of technological development. We offer tanks manufactured in either vitreous enamel-lined steel or 444 stainless steel. Our systems are larger, save more energy, deliver more hot-water and do so at a far higher pressure.

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AS range of active solar hot water systems

The Envirosun ‘AS Range’ of pumped or active solar hot water systems offers greater flexibility, improved aesthetics and higher capacity. These systems only require the solar collectors to be installed on the roof with the storage tank situated at ground level or any other convenient and out-of-the-way location. The operating principle of these systems is relatively simple – when the solar collectors are able to add heat into the storage tank, a small pump is switched on to circulate hot-water from the collectors and replace it with cool water from the tank. Once the tank is full of hot-water, the pump is switched off, but ready for the next cycle.

While pumped systems have been around for many years, modern electronics and materials have brought improvements in both function and reliability. Today’s Envirosun AS systems adopt many of these technological advances and blend them with our collector technology, to create our range of high-performance active solar hot water systems.

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