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Our TS Systems

Passive, thermosiphon systems

Passive, thermosiphon systemsThe Envirosun ‘TS Range’ of thermosiphon or passive solar hot water systems offers maximum efficiency and a cost-effective solution for most applications. These systems feature the traditional ‘tank-on-the-roof’ configuration – an arrangement that was first deployed and commercially marketed around 1909. The operating principle of these early systems is no different to that upon which a modern-day Envirosun system relies: water in a flat plate solar collector is heated by the sun and the water rises into an insulated storage tank located above the collector … but that’s about all that our modern systems share with their technological predecessors.

Today’s Envirosun TS systems represent the cumulative advance of over a century of technological development. We offer tanks manufactured in either vitreous enamel-lined steel or 444 stainless steel. Our systems are larger, save more energy, deliver more hot-water and do so at a far higher pressure. To learn more about our TS systems read about our collectors, our tanks, our connections and our back-ups