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A silver bullet

A silver bulletEnvirosun pioneered the use of Type 444 ferretic stainless steel in the construction of hot water system pressure vessels. Compared with traditional austenitic stainless steel (such as Type 316L and 304L) ferretic stainless steels offer major performance advantages. In particular, Type 444 out-lasts Type 316L when it comes to resisting localized corrosion or pitting attack at elevated water temperatures. Generally, Type 444 is a highly durable and trouble-free material that offers significant live cycle cost advantages. Stainless steels derive their corrosion resistant properties through the inclusion of stainless steel. However the key to the enhanced performance of Type 444 is the addition of molybdenum and chromium as further alloying elements (traditional austenitic grades incorporate nickel). During the final stage of the factory guarantee period we can arrange for an end-of-warranty service and an extension to the warranty cover.

Choosing an Envirosun TS Plus hot water system using Type 444.