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Staying close to the action

Staying close to the action Envirosun TS tanks sit on the roof immediately above and butted against the solar collectors. This reduces the amount of piping between the tanks and collectors that is transporting hot-water and therefore reduces the chances for heat loss. Compared with systems where the tank is located remote from the solar collectors, the Envirosun configuration ensures more heat ends up where you want it – inside the storage tank.

Close-coupled, thermosiphon solar hot water systems are amongst the simplest, most reliable and most efficient solar water heaters. For best results, the bottom of the storage tank is located above and immediately adjacent to the top of the solar collectors. As the water in the collectors is heated by solar energy, it rises through a connecting pipe to a point mid-way up the storage tank. This displaces cool water in the storage tank that travels through a pipe connected between the low-point of the tank and the bottom of the collectors. If the collector temperature falls to below that of the water in the tank, circulation stops automatically. The whole process occurs without the need for any external power to operate pumps or valves – and the flow rate between the tanks and collectors is automatically optimised because it is a function of the temperature differential between them and the solar energy that is available. Finally, because the distance between the tank and collectors is very short, the opportunity for transport heat losses is extremely low compared with configurations where the tanks and collectors are remote from each other.

Envirosun close-coupled solar hot water systems can represent the most cost-effective option.