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Our Collectors

Flat-plate collectors

Our solar absorbers receive more solar energy

Unlike conventional glass that soaks up a significant amount of solar radiation, the glass cover on an Envirosun solar collector allows over 90% of the sun’s radiation to reach the solar absorber. We use a low-iron, high-transmittance glass cover which means that there’s more energy available to create more hot-water. And to ensure they keep working for longer, our glass covers are toughened to protect against breakage. To find out how low-iron glass improves the optical properties of a solar collector cover, read: our solar glass.

Flat-plate collectors

Our solar collectors convert more solar energy into useful heat

Envirosun absorbers are coated with a high-performance black-chrome treatment to create a surface that absorbs more and emits less solar radiation. To find out how black chrome works to dramatically improve the performance of a solar absorber compared with black paint and other surfaces, read: Our absorber surface.

Our solar collectors are designed to last

The absorbers are manufactured using high-quality copper for both the riser tubes and the absorber plate. Copper resists the effects of corrosion on the inside and outside of the absorber. The collector trays are produced from aluminium, a material renowned for its strength and ability to withstand extremes of weather. Copper and aluminium together – the reason you can be assured of a long service life from your Envirosun solar collectors.