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Our Back-Ups

Never be without

Never be withoutEnvirosun solar hot water systems are fitted with either electric or gas boosters to ensure that there’s plenty of hot-water available during the worst weather or when the demand is the highest. Electric elements can be fitted inside or storage tanks or the gas heaters can be installed in-line from the outlet of our systems. Both options are designed to maximise the amount of solar energy that can be collected and utilise the auxiliary in a ‘back-up’ or ‘booster’ mode only.

Electric boosted systems are integrated arrangements that comprise a heating element immersed in the storage tank water, controlled by a thermostat and connected to a switched power-supply. Both the element and thermostat are positioned at the midpoint of the tank and the power-supply switch is conveniently located. With the power-supply on, if the temperature at the centre of the tank falls below 60oC, the thermostat ‘closes’ and the heating element operates. The element continues to operate until the mid-point of the tank rises to above 60oC. The location of the element and thermostat in an Envirosun system are designed to only allow the booster to only heat the water in the top half of the tank and to leave the bottom portion available for useful solar gain.

Gas boosted systems involve a continuous-flow gas water heater that is mounted separate from the storage tank. The outlet from the solar hot water system is piped as the inlet to the gas heater. If the water reaches the gas heater at a temperature below 60oC, the gas supply is opened, the spark-ignition system fires, and the gas burner operates. If the inlet water temperature is above 60oC, the gas heater does not operate.
Envirosun systems use this pre-heater configuration to achieve higher solar contribution and significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions.