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Product Accreditation

Product accreditation

productIn Australia, all Envirosun solar hot water systems undergo stringent independent accreditation. The Australian Government Clean Energy Regulator (CER) is the primary authority administering this process. The CER maintains a Register of solar water heaters that meet its eligibility requirements.

The CER process operates at two levels. First, each solar hot water system in the CE Register must be evaluated by an independent assessment body and certified as complying with the requirements of the Australian and New Zealand design and construction standard: AS/NZS 2712. Compliance with this standard indicates that the system: conforms to a range of design protocols; meets a set of minimum performance specifications and passes a series of endurance and fatigue tests. Compliance with AS/NZS 2712 is also conditional on the quality management system operated by the applicant being accredited to the international standard ISO 9001. Envirosun solar hot water systems comply with AS/NZS 2712.

Second, each solar hot water system must undergo a process of computer modelling by which its performance is mathematically simulated. The simulation is run for four Australian climatic zones and a performance index derived. This index is equivalent to the number Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) that each system is deemed to create. The RECS form the basis for determining the Small-scale Technology Credits (STCs) that in turn influence the financial support that may be available to purchasers of solar hot water systems – the greater the number of STCs, the greater the level of support. Envirosun solar hot water systems appear on the CER Register and create RECs.