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Envirosun Company Profile

Our History

Our HistoryEnvirosun is a new company with a long pedigree. We started in the solar water heater business 28 years ago working with one of the pioneering companies in the field. We learnt our craft well and over time, we came to understand what was good and what wasn’t, what worked and what didn’t, what would last and what wouldn’t.

After a ten-year ‘apprenticeship’ we decided it was time to make our own mark. Taking advantage of the rapid and wide-spread growth of the solar water heater industry world-wide, we identified an opportunity for a new business model. Following the lead set by the automotive industry, we set about tapping into the output of the biggest and best international solar and hot water system manufacturers.

Our HistoryWe formed CapAus, an alliance with one of Europe’s premier solar companies and designed a range of solar hot water systems suited to Australian conditions. Over time we extended our portfolio and expanded into the international market. All the while, we focused on designing the best and most appropriate systems – and only directly manufacturing those items and components that could not be better sourced elsewhere.

Our Future

Our FutureEnvirosun is a new company with a stellar future. With corporate offices in the major Australian capital cities, warehouse and assembly facilities in Perth and Melbourne, a national installation and service network and a life-time of experience, we’re geared for growth. To leverage off our strong international relationships and our deep understanding of local requirements as before:

To design, supply and support the most efficient and technologically robust solar hot water systems using the best ideas, components and materials from around the world.