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About Us

Advanced water heating solutions

Water heating doesn’t have to be the major household running cost that it used to be – solar water heaters have long since put paid to that – and none more cost-effectively than Envirosun. While we’re a new company, we’ve been around for a long time. The Envirosun story is one of continuous improvement and innovation stretching back some twenty-five years. We know what works, what lasts and what’s needed. And while we’re not the biggest water heater company, we are dedicated to the solar business – you won’t find electric and gas water heaters in our line-up. It’s that commitment that gives us the edge when offering the most advanced solar hot water systems.

Cutting-edge technology and quality manufacturing

Our manufacturing philosophy is different. We’re an assembler, not a fabricator. We scour the world for the best solar water heating components. The tanks, collectors and controls that go into our solar hot water systems are sourced from some of the world’s largest and most advanced production houses. We’re not shackled by a commitment to out-dated manufacturing plant but instead, we’re able to change quickly as technology progresses. Through a process of choosing the best components that work and fit together in the best way we continue to create the most advanced and environmentally responsible solar hot water systems – systems that are reliable, durable and economical to run.

Environmental focus

Envirosun is a solar energy company and our commitment to the environment is total. While most suppliers hedge their bets and produce solar water heaters as a side-line to the production of electric and gas-powered systems, supplying solar hot water systems is all we do.

We recognise that nearly 30% of the greenhouse gas emissions attributable to the average Australian home arise from water heating (using gas or electric systems).* An Envirosun solar hot water system can save up to 80% of this and reduce attributable household greenhouse gas emission by about one-quarter.

And while we all want to do what’s best for the environment, we’re also motivated by saving money. With electricity and gas costs always on the rise and a future economy which will factor in the cost of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, it also makes good financial sense to start saving energy now.

*Excludes transport energy use.